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Ma Yun says " hibernate " Guo Fan is unripe say " you cannot spend a winter "

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Stalked of grain especially on September 28 to Alibabama of the cloud " hibernate " viewpoint, every of Guo of Hui Cong net gives birth to the foreground of market of B2B of more earnest look upon, the B2B website that he pointed out to most service exports a company a few days ago will die in this economy cold winter, "Rely on to helping a Chinese export the B2B of consumable outside, not be to come in the winter, however you want transition " .

Guo Fan gave Alibaba to cry on Internet congress recently gave early-warning. He expresses, "The bubble in the past makes the Internet business failure of 80% above, but it is mature to did not make blundering Chinese Internet practitioner becomes with sureness " , he thinks this kind also is continueing to affect the electronic commerce that is a delegate with B2B in the near future flightily, "If RMB and dollar specific value arrived 1 than the word of 6, the network business that can have 80% dies, how many client can this B2B company still have? " Guo Fan is unripe think, company future still can face the challenge on capital, this is the lack as a result of capital of international market whole, make its undertake filtration very hard in Chinese Internet company again, "3 years in, many Internet and electronic commerce industry do not take investment. Many Internet and electronic commerce industry do not take investment..

And Alibaba to " hibernate is talked " still be to hold upbeat mood. Although was mixed in July in August, ma Yun ever was in early or late in-house personnel post and in " peak of medium and small businesses of Asia-Pacific of industrial and commercial board meets the 2nd APEC " express, "Whole economic situation nots allow hopeful, we prepare hibernate! " , to be aimed at this one " hibernate prepares " , the Babaji in A is round from this year the beginning of the year has cut all investment project, not long ago Alibaba merges into public praise net Yahoo is subordinate, the mom in A merges into the act of the net that clean out treasure, also be looked to regard its hibernate as one of specific strategy by the personage inside course of study. But amount to Wo Si forum to go up in the Tianjin summer a few days ago, ma Yun turns and think the influence of American banking crisis to Chinese IT, Internet is early still, won't have what thing.

But there has been the Jiangzhe medium and small businesses that pursues foreign trade to begin complaint in reality, the American order of partial enterprise already was called in, common order form decreases make the careful also go into operation that has order, it is difficult that production answers a paragraph to also appear, the American of all along heavy credence also begins break one's promise. And according to customs total office newest statistic, before this year 7 months, export one hundred and forty billion three hundred and ninety million dollar to the United States, add fast fall to 9.9% , glided 8.1 percent, this is to was added 2002 fast first fall after a rise comes a digit; Even if is pair of Europe and Japan, export value also slides in last few years lowermost line.

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