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Pakistan imports bearing to purchase firm of scan widely China

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Ball bearing is by the inner ring, outer lane, bracket that is in the ball bearing between circle of inside and outside and fixed ball bearing place is formed, its action is the scroll that passes steel ball, will common sliding friction turns into rolling friction, reduce attrition thereby force and rise cooperate precision.
Because ball bearing machines craft simple, technical content is not high, make bearing exit advocate make a product. Pakistan because machinist estate development is slower, bearing product of home needs an import, our country enterprise has greater opportunity.

One, exit Pakistan current situation
Our country ball bearing exports Pakistan amount to rise ceaselessly, 56 thousand from 2000, growth goes to twenty-six million four hundred and forty-seven thousand of 2006. Wave motion of exit Pakistan amount is bigger, export volume was thirty million six hundred and seventy-eight thousand 2004.
Exit all valence compares stability on the whole, be in 0.4 dollars of 0.33 ~ / set between, fluctuant range is not big.

2, opportunity analysis
Above all, custom duty of bearing of Pakistan government entrance is inferior. Pakistan government is contrabanded to eliminate bearing, reduce bearing custom duty, make our country product imports Pakistan cost to reduce, exciting product exports Pakistan.
Next, in cling to of the free-trade area build, entered Pakistan to offer an opportunity for our country product. Our country commodity enters Pakistan can machine enjoy proper favourable policy. For instance our country exports the crane of dragon door type of Pakistan, tax rate of adoption import tariff agreement 7% , lower than most-favored-nation tax rate 3% . Low tax rate increases our country product to enter Pakistan.
Again, the rapid growth of Pakistan economy increases to inflexible demand, the machinist estate development of Pakistan is slower, count an import in great quantities, to the entrance of ball bearing the quantity increases. Price of our country product is lower, and Pakistan on the whole capital is more in short supply, our country product can the choice range that bigger range enters Pakistan business.

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