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Chinese bearing or will enter Russia market in great quantities

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Because foreign brand product cannot satisfy the user inside Russia,be opposite technical demand, entrance bearing takes Russia bearing market only the portion of 6% . Predict the modernization as the enterprise inside Russia is accelerated reach the collaboration with foreign enterprise to increase, russia will increase to the demand of foreign bearing product.
Although foreign ball bearing is produced,share of Russia home market holds only before items 6% (EBC2006 year data) , but as Ford, Feng Tian, general wait for international car manufacturer to plan to enlarge its to be in Russia car output, predict this one portion will grow somewhat. The expert inside course of study thinks, after afterwards abundant cropland and day are produced, optical foreign company will be in manufacturer of Japanese ball bearing a plant is built inside Russia. Because these car manufacturer had been inside Russia,realize increase production, reach the level that produces per year 200 thousand, manufacturer of international ball bearing can seek the progress on Russia market actively necessarily.
In the meantime, the manufacturer inside Russia also is seeking the cooperative opportunity with international manufacturer. For example, EBC company believes, depend on accept with Swedish SKF company or Germany (INA) the company signs cooperative agreement, or build a joint ventures to will make its acquire advanced technology, increase the capacity that produces high quality product thereby.
Join World Trade Organization to will make the bearing entrance of Russia increases further. For example, russia is at present right what import from China is cheap ball bearing collects 0.49 dollars to come 0.59 dollars / the custom duty of kilogram, 30% what hold its totle drilling cost. As join WTO, these custom duty will be reduced absolve even, this will make the entrance of certain product measures mushroom, pick mining industry in what value quality of price and rather than more especially, this kind of phenomenon will be more apparent. The China that predicts to basically export low product, Romania, Czech and polish manufacturer benefit the biggest.

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