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The industry of heavy-duty lorry and project machine infiltrates astral horse gr

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If Liuhan of president of astral horse group produces situation of market of the analysis on plan meeting to think in astral horse, the market situation of next year can have to anabiosis. Ask the sale serves personnel to want to hit out actively, enlarge the market share of car of cement of traditional product bulk and cement mixer, the mature already product that emphasizes accelerating test of market of classics of promotion all previous to hold industry dominant position -- pump car mixes astral horse to a string of 1 along with the car. Liu Zong points out, astral horse company next product development is the construction project machine related to serious check mainly product. Should make full use of the chassis advantage that Hua Ling blocks again and astral Ma Gong manage old jacket makes advantage and market dominant position, in project machine the domain shares a cup of a thick soup. This is to widen product catenary, dispersive risk. Heighten the need of oneself competition ability.

This makes I remember an information that saw Zhu Baoduan a few days ago, rife the long already pass on a message that should make heavy card about Xu Gong becomes a fact namely. Content is as follows:

On July 10, ability of Xu engineering course releases announcement to say: The company already created limited company with Nanjing Chun Lan car on July 7 (next weighing " Chun Lan car " ) partner Jiangsu Chun Lan from motor-car limited company (next weighing " Jiangsu Chun Lan " ) sign " equity makes over intent book " , the equity of % of 60 of Chun Lan car that buys hold of Jiangsu Chun Lan. Specific trade the price is 270 million.

Xu is versed in science and technology thinks, heavy-duty car and project machine belong to close product domain, have heavy-duty car to be able to make sex of whole set of its product direction, be helpful for promoting the sale of product of company project machine further; In the meantime, the company enters heavy-duty car field, but the integral level promotion of mechanical to company project product brings positive action.

Ability of Xu engineering course expresses, after buying Chun Lan car, can this is platform, widen product line, enter heavy-duty truck industry quickly with inferior cost, seize the favorable opportunity that market of current and heavy-duty truck expands, create new profit point of growth for the company.

This is two industries really happen to have the same view: Heavy-duty lorry and the industry with mechanical engineering are permeated, undertaking.

The personage inside course of study thinks, this action can develop ability of Xu engineering course to go in project machine better the advantage of formed product, form a complete set and sale channel, form industrial group dominant position, drive ability of Xu engineering course the production of product of machine of other and relevant project, form component of core of large project machine to produce base, promote its competitive advantage.
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