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Central Services Engineering Breakthrough fuel tank
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Recently, the Central Equipment Company received notification of award Sany Heavy Industry, Shenyang, following the company's full range of hydraulic support cylinder Z41 more than 2,400 branches of production tasks, the contract value of more than 1,200 yuan, which is nearly two years of engineering tanks received The biggest order, to the end of September this year, the total project has exceeded last year's fuel tank contract 50% of the total contract. At the same time, in September, 3124 delivery fuel tank construction, ultra-record 778 to the end of September this year, a total tank project last year shipped more than 30% of total shipments. Engineering competitive market tanks, pump and boring machine market in the doldrums, more than competition for existing markets. In order to get more orders, the company sort out development, adjusting the production structure, strengthen field management, quick response to market at the same time, in time to avoid risk, so that the project cylinders our steady growth. One distinction between works of high fuel tank, low-end market, adjust the production structure, fuel tank production owned by one of the low-end projects, and the other to build a new entity, the formation of two new production lines, dedicated commitment to producing high-end cylinder, so that the production process simple of the scale. Second, the continued implementation of lean production management, the company achieved in the fuel tank of a weekly program performance appraisal market rate. Third, strengthen the quality control. Quality win is the company beat the magic. The company has achieved quality system certification ISO9000-2008 edition, a number of projects to obtain coal products fuel tank safety certification qualifications, from the quality control system more advanced than others further. Fourth, rapid response to market demand. Operating personnel Jianchi visits to customers to understand the market demand, and its feedback to the company's technology center, technology center continue to develop market demand for new varieties, so that the "people I have", last year extended cylinder 235 development projects, this year further , products obtained in the project cylinders four patents, the source from the design one step faster than others. Fifth, to carry out piecemeal reform contest, a prize monthly assessment, mobilize the enthusiasm of craftsmen, through technological innovation to reduce costs, and to work constantly to improve the production efficiency of fuel tank.