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Harbin is produced " divine boat 7 " 7 kinds of the component " disposition "
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Last night, 7 manned airship launch divine boat successfully. Company of Harbin much home and scientific research unit are participated in " divine boat " research and development works, for airship successful flying Apsaras provided multinomial new technology and new material, offerred for project of Chinese manned spaceflight puissant prop up. Our newspaper summary reports a few with a ha produce " god 7 " component, 7 kinds when reveal them to provide characteristic, brave to carry weight alone " disposition " .

  7 kinds " disposition " tenacious

Save petrifaction courtyard: Special type adhesive · beforehand dip makings is pulled not sodden rip not broken add for space suit " iron bone "

To reduce weight, the structural sex part that includes to bearing inside, the composite profile material that airship of divine boat series uses is increasing, these material need to come with glue stickup, this makes the position of adhesive more and more significant. In China's major aerospace project, have the name that omits petrochemistry academy.

lacerate be stuck to receive thing, also do not rip gooey place

Divine boat launchs a success 7 numbers, adhesive product has an effect that nots allow to ignore as join tool. Once stick,receive not firm, airship can produce a component to fly from the circumstance, consequence is unimaginable. Measure to ensure the product is simple, province petrifaction courtyard makes glue key at be opposite two years ago installation cost undertook 2 million yuan transform and be updatinged, close good product quality strictly, protect on time protect a quantity to finish lot-product production job character.

So, divine boat does each material component stick 7 airship receive so that there is many firm? Be in early when divine boat blasts off 5 numbers, already proved, although lacerate be stuck to receive thing, also do not rip gooey place. According to introducing, assume from 1993 " divine boat " the development task of adhesive of structure of airship special type, the elaborate development through more than 10 years and tackle key problem assiduously, province petrifaction courtyard already had adhesive of structure of more than kinds of 10 special type to use Yu Shenzhou successfully boat of 5 date, gods the antenna of airship of 7 manned spaceflight, floor, cockpit reachs boat of 6 date, gods solar battery, return cabin of cabin, bracket, instrument to wait for crucial position, satisfied aerospace domain high strenth, low volatilize, be able to bear or endure high low temperature, be able to bear or endure ageing, be able to bear or endure saline mist, be able to bear or endure the requirement of one department high level such as exhaustion, ensured airship can be safe in complex aerospace environment travel, get for many times the unit commend such as academy of technique of vacuum of group of spaceflight science and technology, China.

0 start, space navigation of own research and development is taken inside a year beforehand dip makings
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