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Outside intermediary: だ of faint of of alliance of Song of Tao of of protrudi
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On September 24 afternoon 17:30, china " divine boat 7 " the spacefarer is multiplied group meet in center of wine spring satellite and media. The flight that comprises by Di Zhigang, Liu Baiming, Jing Haipeng multiplies group general to carry out " divine boat 7 " task of manned space flight, the one person in them will represent Chinese first time to keep track below aerospace. Their appear to also let media of world each country point to spotlight in succession wine spring.

American Efluxmedia website of new company of heart of 24 days of cite report, be in China last time manned spaceflight job is similar in the past after 3 years, divine boat this 7 Zhou Si general enter the space from the emissive center of wine spring satellite of northwest the Gansu Province. If everything is successful, di Zhigang will undertake in Zhouwu aerospace walks. When Di Zhigang dress hefts 120 kilograms, value 30 million dollar (sic) space navigation takes trail airship outside when, he plans the aerospace that is China at present another milepost. 24 days of reports say Afp, 3 China astronaut is China first the task that aerospace walks undertook final preparation, it is difficult to say to have confidence carries out this but have historic spaceflight job. Aerospace walks hopeful perhaps undertakes Saturday in Zhou Wu, a surname mark is strong will in aerospace the aerospace that new China examines to make in walking is taken, the 2nd astronaut will assist a surname inside the orbit cabin that decompression crosses. The assistant of a surname will not leave orbit cabin, but if aerospace takes a trouble that shows any possibilities, he also can give cabin.

The United States " times " weekly reports, prove on Chinese Beijing Olympic Games, oneself are in capture the first going up is the whole world is the greatest. Now, this country will show world, win bronze medal very glad also. This week later on, in Russia astronaut Lieangnuofu undertakes first after aerospace walks 43 years, after China will become afterwards Russia and United States the 3rd state that undertakes aerospace walks, and this will be the double victory on Chinese technology and public concern.

"Beijing issues information to the whole world: It is first-rate space power " , expert of problem of China of company of CNA of American wisdom library enlighten favour · Cheng says, "China is capable to do the job that only Russia and United States finish. On space flight, china preceded Japan and European spaceflight bureau. China preceded Japan and European spaceflight bureau..