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Sheet set hydraulic network into the Chinese production base
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Limited under the sheets sheet network infrastructure, network engineering, hydraulic and water treatment global division, on May 31, 2010 in Shanghai and Changzhou Wujin Hi-tech Industry Development Zone signed a cooperation agreement, China will set up large-scale hydraulic cylinder production base. Sheets network infrastructure project is the world's largest independent manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders. Changzhou established new production base will be sheet contact one of the global production base of 9, also in the first production base in China. Contact with the sheet in infrastructure projects, Mr Anurag Behar, president of the exchange, he said: We are very pleased to come to China, the world's largest market hydraulic cylinders and related industries. To this end, we bring the latest technology and highest quality products and look forward to become the major equipment manufacturer partner of choice. Changzhou Wujin High-tech Industrial Development Zone's infrastructure and services are all very well, we also want our development and expansion of production base to the center of the world, not just the face of the Chinese market, while customers in the face of the surrounding market. CPC Changzhou Municipal Committee, Party Secretary Chen Ruiqing Wujin, said: As a representative of an advanced manufacturing base, Changzhou industrial economy is the five key industrial equipment manufacturing, electronic information industry, new energy and environmental protection industry, new materials industry, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. The network plans to invest in the tank sheet items, in full compliance with Changzhou planning and direction of industrial development, while, for the hydraulic cylinder, Changzhou, not only in basic infrastructure, industry cluster has a strong advantage, but also has a broad local market . Hyundai, Komatsu, Terex United States has invested in Changzhou, while heavy industry and Liugong Yuchai Group has also settled in Wujin High-tech Zone, at present, the area of Changzhou in the scale of construction machinery has been ranked first in China. We believe that contact sheet there will be assigned to WIZ bright future. Changzhou facility will use, such as CNC machining, robot welding, induction hardening, and other advanced technology to produce high precision mechanical and hydraulic cylinders and truck hydraulic dump system. Factory also committed to the development of the nearby industrial areas as procurement of raw materials and mechanical parts supplier base; the hiring and training local management and technical personnel to use and management of high-tech machinery and equipment. Then R & D institutions will be established so that the base of a design, development, testing, industrial applications in one multi-purpose center. High-pressure double-acting cylinder to better take into account the excavators, loaders, backhoe loaders, bulldozers, dump trucks, graders and the demand for farm equipment manufacturers; multi-cylinder series is able to meet the dump truck, dump trucks, garbage trucks and garbage (trash compactor) the manufacturer's requirements. Sheet network will also establish a national service network plan to serve the majority of end customers.