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Machine of the project after Beijing Olympic Games passes rents course of study
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Of two months wait to go eventually, the construction site of Beijing restored afresh blatant. The construction site shutdown of Beijing two months, the business that makes Beijing project mechanical hire a firm also quited two months. On September 21, building site is comprehensive go back to work, this makes the company of project machinery equipment that rent new also rise busily.

On September 19, the mobile phone of Yang Zhishuang of general manager of the center of equipment of Beijing Shuang Hui times that rent is in almost keep noisy, company business a day between busy rise.

Poplar the manager tells a reporter, be as long as the building site shutdown of two months lets company incur very big pecuniary loss. He lifts example to say, a concrete carries pump, right now production value should be in in former years 120 thousand yuan or so, there are 60 thousand yuan only however now. Shutdown two months, for tarry worker, his as usual sent salary to the worker. Nevertheless, good now, shutdown makes remove, they can enter working state immediately, everything already be all set. During shutdown, they seize an opportunity, undertook comprehensive maintenance to all equipment that rent, assure to any problems won't appear after go back to work.

Before start working, the company asked technical personnel already technically to undertake educational grooming to the worker, start working hind can throw the job immediately, offset the loss that suffer as far as possible come back.

The development foreground that machine of our country project rents

After Beijing Shen Ao is successful, it is the eye that attracted business of domestic and international a lot of investment more, beijing registers the tower type crane that put on record through registering, from the inadequacy 2000 more than 3000 arrive very quickly 2005, more than 5000 of 2006; Size rents an enterprise to rise more than 500 from many 100. The industry arrives to mature gradually from primitive accumulation,

The project machine of our country hires photograph comparing Europe, beautiful, day developed country, start later, but development is rapid. From 20 centuries relative to the normative company that rent 80 time metaphase starts, the large scale computer that basically is centered in bldg. construction company grants company or branch, main service at this construction company, it is in-house and financial independent business accounting only. These companies that rent are well-known degree opposite taller, business ability is stronger, equipment is rental rate is higher also, management state is better. But these business equipment spend coefficient newly inferior, can offer hack equipment basically is former construction company to have facility oneself. To 90 time initial stage, the renting company that new development rises is share-holding system company or civilian battalion company mostly, the equipment of these enterprises spends coefficient newly tall, management mechanism is agile, development is rapid. Rent with the construction machinery of Beijing for exemple, to 2000 around, had formed two carriage of the market. Arrive after 2000, grant company or branch at the machine of company of state-owned and large construction accessorily so, absorb the advantage of enterprise of the company of a few share-holding system that new development rises, civilian battalion, change in succession make, from field of fashion of administrative system, financing bold reform, innovation, preliminary establish brand consciousness, determine oneself market position. Company of original share-holding system and civilian battalion enterprise also carry the share construction of national infrastructure, house, expand ceaselessly oneself, also formed certain dimensions. But, at present countrywide asset is in the is engaged in project machine renting professional renting corporation of 50 million yuan of above to be not worth 100, the others all is medium and small businesses or SOHO, and be in Europe, beauty, have quite the project machine of dimensions rents an enterprise to have thousands of. Data shows, the sale that at present Chinese project machine is in the enterprise that rent is not worth 30%% , very as far as the international level apart that is as high as 80%% . On real significance appear on the market the company that rent, return at present. And be in the United States, the renting company that appear on the market already was close to 10%% . Be engaged in namely again contemporary rent, know finance, rent, of the respect knowledge such as tax of commerce, wealth, law and project compound model the talent is in short supply relatively, talent shortage also can restrict our country to rent the healthy progress of course of study.
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