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Original CAD helps development of business of power manufacturing industry
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Below the appeal that encourages intellectual property of own innovation, protection in national height, u.N. of national copyright bureau endowment appoint wait for relevant government sector and each large company (include state-owned company, foreign trader to invest enterprise and civilian battalion enterprise) advancing chemical industry of business software authorised edition to make energetically with unprecedented enthusiasm, build an environment of favorable market of software of use authorised edition, make new contribution to promote the healthy development of ethical software industry.
The profit of national policy is good, make domestic software company gained rare opportunity. Having good mainland to change soil, add the ceaseless innovation of enterprise itself again, a lot of outstanding homebred software brands grow quickly, at the same time of ability of own research and development rise, also make the function of homebred software and stability increase greatly, had the actual strength that contends with posture of foreign software company completely, broke the monopoly of foreign software, changed the large company below the situation to bring new option to the authorised edition. The leader brand of homebred CAD and PLM -- , the model that CAXA succeeds among them namely. CAXA regards software of our country own intellectual property as well-known trademark, the CAD that will more than 10 years give out seriation (CAD) , CAPP (the computer assists procedure to design) , CAM (CAM) , PDM (product data manages) wait for PLM (product complete lifecycle manages) software product and solution, enclothed manufacturing industry informatization design, craft, make and run 4 big fields. Up to 2006, CAXA already software of authorised edition of accumulative total sale exceeds 200 thousand. According to investigation of authoritative 2006 medium, the product of software of 2 dimension CAD of CAXA own intellectual property -- , market of CAXA electron drawing board is had rate for 42% , it is homebred CAD software the first brand, effective keep within limits foreign CAD software is right the forestall of Chinese market. The software of three-dimensional innovation CAD that CAXA holds to own development and union of technical conformity photograph to roll out -- , CAXA substance is designed, broke the pattern of exclusive market of foreign three-dimensional CAD, and be had with the market of 18.5% lead rank home the first.
When enterprise of numerous manufacturing industry is finishing CAD authorised edition to change, realising CAD authorised edition is changed more and more rationally also is not a pure software replace another software, however the foundation of enterprise whole informatization, choose CAXA to regard long-term strategy as the partner, one of, CAXA can provide software of outstanding 2 dimension CAD not only -- , company of help of CAXA electron drawing board realizes CAD authorised edition easily to change, and still can offer products plan, technology, make and the Wu of PLM product kimono of the each respect complete set such as management, sheet does not rely on the software with a powerful function to be able to be solved the problem that at present enterprise of most manufacturing industry exists, should rely on integral information to influence solution ability however from go up at all solve a problem; Secondly, the product that CAXA offers and data are OK the PDM/PLM plan butt joint with its high end, still can solve as compositive as the system of ERP system problem at the same time, for the enterprise be about to some or already some ERP systems provide product data, offer a technology to prop up for enterprise whole informatization; Thirdly, CAXA spreads all over countrywide sale and service center, powerful this locality changes a technology to serve a group can seasonable quick response business demand, it is the strong safeguard that business software is able to have effect application and integral informatization to gain a success. Because of enterprise of this numerous manufacturing industry from large-scale purchase CAXA electron drawing board (2 dimension CAD) wait for a product to realize CAD authorised edition to change begin, progressively implementation carries out CAXAPLM solution in the round in the enterprise, the product innovation chime that promotes a business thereby is the same as level of management.
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