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Agricultural the current situation of project machine and development trend
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In recent years, the acceleration that builds as rural economics and country cultivate structural adjustment, home is small-sized and agricultural project machine market rises quickly, produce and sale is measured gradually hasten is hot, development perspective is wide.

1, agricultural the definition of project machine and application

Agricultural project machine basically is to point to small-sized grab, small-sized fork-lift truck and small-sized crane to wait, the product is configured sale price is low, low, integrated utilization rate is high, redound is relatively rich and generous. This kind of product basically faces rural market, client group is in a country centrally, call so agricultural the engineering is mechanical, should be the low end in product of small-sized project machine actually product. Agricultural project machine basically is used at the respect such as farm, irrigation works, building, of the cubic metro of earth and stone that finish dig, shovel, carry, assemble and unassemble, the job such as hoisting.

Our country belongs to a developing country, accept the restriction of economic condition in the country especially, expensive to function and price project machine flinchs, application is restricted. In recent years, in the center of 3 farming the Chongzhongzhi that the problem works as entire party is heavy, use a lot of measure to strengthen the construction of agricultural infrastructure, agriculture builds rapid development, provided very vast development space for this kind of product application.

Rural market favors the main reason of small-sized project machine is:

Prime of life of ① many blueness goes out work, cause rural labor shortage; Heighten of ② labor cost; ③ and urban photograph are compared, rural project scope is little and dispersive; ④ user buys actual strength poorer; ⑤ rural economics construction develops quickly; ⑥ price is low, use redound is tall, can call in quickly purchase opportunity cost. Accordingly, this kind of product is in farmer eye, use well not only, can afford even, farmer investment is agricultural the beneficial result that project machine achieves is clear prep above goes out work, it is the good helper that the farmer becomes rich.

2, the current situation and problem

In last few years agricultural project machine develops quickly, small and medium sized business is swarmed into eagerly, at present home has the manufacturer of certain scale of production to exceed 200, year sales volume exceeds 35 thousand ~ 40 thousand, also indicate the move is agricultural project machine market begins to enter rapid development period. Agricultural project machine produced main effect in economic construction of the country.

The restriction that accepts market acceptance and price are intense competitive influence, production is agricultural of project machine no matter be civilian battalion small company, still be the big company with rich actual strength, what consider above all is control product production cost, the 2nd ability is the function of the product and quality. Accordingly, agricultural the design of project machine product, production standard produces a standard under the production of project machine far.
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