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Eaves connects heavy industry northeast client of consign of condole of the firs
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On September 3, 2008 morning, the flower blooms, firework 4 shoot, zhengzhou eaves connects picket of the limited company that weigh labour to be versed in square is sent beaming, eaves connects heavy industry northeast ceremony of consign of condole of pedrail of area head stage is held ceremoniously here.
Cong Yu knows heavy industry quality a huge key has been received in hand of brave of chief inspector plum, xin Min of president of limited company of restful component hoisting makes the same score Dalian excited unceasingly. The manager that more than 10 automobile crane, pedrail as string of 1 already was had below this company division, be him company " crane is familial " added an admirable variety again -- the YTQU55 pedrail condole that eaves tells heavy worker worker.
Dalian is restful limited company of component part hoisting is one of companies of construction of Dalian area foundation and fundamental processing major, will ever had carried on for years foundation of a lot of renown actor architectural and foundation handle Dalian and northeast area project, having the force that comparative.
When the pedrail that in original bring into contact with eaves tells heavy worker worker as string of 1, laborious president is adopting cautious attitude. But understand with all possible means through early days and compare carefully, contrasting after product of condole of much home pedrail, chose finally to accord with a company to expand demand, can the eaves that utmost promotes work efficiency connects pedrail of heavy industry YTQU55 to a string of 1 the product of content of this one high-tech.
At the beginning of 2007, eaves connected heavy industry to establish mature technical group, begin product of condole of pedrail of research and development, project manager people the experience of research and development that there are more than 10 years inside course of study, it is the expert of pedrail condole industry entirely. Come back dig auger, the structural member that pedrail as string of 1 and army article in all line production, the product all passes GJB (national army mark) quality system attestation. Rely on eaves to tell a group at the same time the powerful support of postdoctoral workstation and center of national level technology, eaves connects the character that heavy industry track as string of 1 and function to get reliable safeguard.
2008, YTQU55 pedrail condole passed quality of Chinese project machine smoothly to supervise examine by a definite date of group of central examine and verify 3 days strict " examine and verify of spot of production license of special type equipment " , took class A (highest) birth certificate. Subsequently, pedrail as string of 1 the sale job of the product is rolled out quickly in home.
This eaves of restful component choose and buy connects Dalian heavy industry product, realized eaves to connect heavy industry northeast the sale of the first condole. Eaves tells heavy worker worker outstanding product quality and kiss diligent service, conduce to the promotion that promotes product of condole of northeast area pedrail not only, be sure to help a client create greater value at the same time.
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