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Tool of international machine tool develops trends and tendency
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One, world economy and posture of development of machine tool tool 1.Make as good as sale status Machine tool industry is the barometer that economy grows. Production of world machine tool is coming true successive after 4 years 2 digit grow, predict to was added 2007 fast slightly under 2006, achieve 7.9% . Situation of production of world machine tool expressed 2001 ~ 2006 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 production value of world machine tool (100 million dollars) 358 326 368 453 519 592 compared to the same period increase rate (% ) - 3.3 - 8.9 12.9 23.1 14.6 14.12006 year world main nation (area) statistics of main economic norms produces machine tool industry (100 million dollars) exit (100 million dollars) import2. Market demand and trade development grow steadily Closely related demand of world machine tool and investment growth, the violent wind that the high speed that fixed assets invests grows to drive demand of market of machine tool tool necessarily rises. Spaceflight aviation, shipping, car, generate electricity equipment, traffic is carried, the main user that the manufacturing industry such as general petrifaction machinery and agricultural machinery is a machine tool, the development of these industry promoted the technical progress of machine tool industry and industrial development directly. Global machine tool orders goods the quantity forecasts: 2004 ~ global machine tool ordered goods the quantity increases 3 years continuously 2006, since 2007, global machine tool orders goods increase rate drops, will maintain relatively steady demand. The world is main 2006 country (area) Taiwan of China of Italy of Korea of Germany of United States of Japan of China of watch of scale of machine tool consumption is other 2006 expenditure (100 million dollars) 129.4 (131.1) 74.3 62.6 51.8 50.4 35.5 25.4 137.8 2006 year hold world gross proportion (%) 22.8 13 11 9.1 8.9 6.3 4.5 24.3 2006 year expenditure is compared 2005 increase rate % 20 -4 5 -6 14 8 13 6.4 (global consumption increase rate) main 2006 country ((note: The data inside the bracket in the watch cuts machine tool numerical control to change for gold rate) 3.Industry competition is intense with each passing day As the development of global commerce, the competition that tycoon of world machine tool waits for a respect in technology, market and industry is intense with each passing day. Main show is in: It is new production field, be like: Small accept is made, photoelectricity is made, make accurately wait for ceaseless emerge in large numbers, pace of new technology industrialization is accelerated; The 2 development that are theory of new generation control, new material and new energy resources, alternate course moves action with technical confluence and belt apparent; 3 it is transnational corporation investment is huge endowment strengthen technical innovation research, the purpose controls technical commanding elevation, consolidate position of its industry monopoly; 4 it is intellectual property protection the effect in commerce of international machine tool is bigger and bigger, standard and patent will become what technology and commerce control counterpoise to contend for.  
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