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Raw material rises in price China is made enter high cost period
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"Cost crisis weakens the competition ability of Chinese manufacturing industry, but won't block up China becomes the world to make a center. Not only China, world each country is in get the sources of energy, commissariat and raw material global the influence that rise in price. Suffer the effect that price of native rolled steel rises considerably, feng Tian has begun to raise market of its North America to sell the price of the model. Feng Tian has begun to raise market of its North America to sell the price of the model..
The large steelworks such as treasure steel, fierce steel will move 300~600 on producer price of product of the 3rd quarter a few days ago yuan / ton, this counts continuance a trend that price of quarterly rolled steel rises considerably before. Meanwhile, frequency of international crude price achieves the history new tall, wander in perch of every pails of 140 dollars at present. Of raw material price climb quickly litre, give the China that always relies on low cost competition manufacturing industry, brought unprecedented crisis. How to dissolve the crisis, change the crisis is good luck will be the first task that is placed before every China production enterprise.
Violent wind of price of manufacturing raw material rises since 2008, index of industrial product producer price (PPI) move in perch all the time. End in May 2008, manufacturing data producer price rises compared to the same period 9.2% , raw material, fuel, motivation is purchased rise in price 11.9% .
Current economic integration environment decides China a lot of industry product price elasticity are taller, industry price capability is not strong, swim downward hard conduct cost pressure, its profit space is compressed. In April 2008 portion, because cost pressure announces the strange luck that rise in price and river the Huaihe River, sales volume annulus is compared that month dropped 2. .75 % and 26.4 % , drop all drop on average with the car to be the same as a month to multiply double much. The home appliance enterprise such as air conditioning, freezer, color television carries valence to bring about double backwater of sale dimensions, profit because of the beginning of the year, it is chance with dragon boat festival in succession, big range depreciates.
Cost crisis inflicts heavy losses on low end the exit manufacturer of the product. The majority exports an enterprise to use the pattern that long-term contract fixes a price, below the setting that rises ceaselessly in raw material price, the rise that produces cost cannot reflect product value to go up instantly. Export business does not have own brand more, ability of the bargain when with abroad large importer negotiates is weak, raise export price very hard. Especially cap of spin, dress, shoe those who exceed half the number is medium or small rate of export business profit after tax is centered in 5% less than, cost rises to cause company loss extremely easily. According to statistic of association of Chinese textile industry, in 44200 textile mills that have a record, have the company profit of 1/3 only. Guangdong dress reached clothing accessories 2008 1 come to exported 6.65 billion dollar in April, than last year the corresponding period drops 15.1% .
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