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Do not have the research of bearing electric machinery and foreground analysis d
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Jiangsu university is electric information project institute Qiu Yurui of bright red 熀 person the first power is the world that engineering college of federal of Su Li world Professor J.Hugel develops a success jointly of 4kW without chip of bearing permanent magnetism prototype of electric machinery industry.

Without origin of bearing electric machinery and development
After heterogeneous communication system is being invented with tesla in Feilalisi, 19 centuries 80 time metaphase, duowoluowoersiji sends electric machinery of clear three-phase asynchronous, asynchronous electric machinery need not brush and commutator, but long-term high speed moves, bearing care and maintenance still is difficult problem.
After the World War II, sort the development of magnetism bearing technology continuously, make electric machinery and transmission system move without the contact become a possibility, but cost of system of this kind of transmission is very high, because ferromagnetism object is in impossibly constant suspension is stabilized in magnetic field. The invention of active magnetism bearing, solved this difficult problem, but with tigidity of bearing of active magnetism bearing rotor wants to be spent freely in 5 on bring to bear on control force, magnetism bearing bulk big, structure is complex with cost tall.
20 centuries second half period, be developed to satisfy nuclear energy and use, need uses freeboard fast centrifugal and detached method produces enriched uranium, magnetism bearing can satisfy high speed electric machinery to support a demand, began to study all sorts of magnetism bearing plan in Europe then. 1975, hermann applied for not to have patent of bearing electric machinery, electric machinery put forward in patent winding pole logarithm with magnetism bearing relation of winding pole logarithmic is ± 1. With the plan that Heermandi gives, in that time it is impossible to make give those who do not have bearing electric machinery.
Rise further as function of magnetic material magnetism, for permanent magnetism synchronism electric machinery established strong competition position. In the meantime, as the application of ambipolar transistor, and the nondestructive switch circuit that puts forward with Berlin case Er is united in wedlock, can make piece satisfy the new generation that asks without bearing electric machinery high-powered power amplifier. Be in about 1985, have mix with the power switch parts of an apparatus of laden ability quickly the occurrence of digital signal processor, make had put forward vector of 20 old alternating current machine to control a technology to just be able to apply actually, solved so without difficult problem of pilot of number of bearing electric machinery. On the foundation that the Bikeer of engineering college of federal of world of Swiss Su Li progresses in these science and technology, at 20 centuries 80 time later period just is made first piece without bearing electric machinery.

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