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Power of 5 big machine tool produce trade current situation
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1 United States: Manufacturing industry is in transition
There is a kind of view now, say American manufacturing industry is ebbing. The fact is not such. American manufacturing industry is not to ebbing, be in however transition. Not come singly but in pairs, the manufacturing industry of other area of Chinese manufacturing industry and world also is experiencing transition, the rate of this kind of transition is rapidder and rapidder. In fact, american manufacturing industry still ranks the world the first, after close therewith is China, Japan, Germany and Italy. Production industry of the United States is vibrant still, health develops. But compare with the photograph 30 years ago, it had produced great change, and change still will continue.
Additional, manufacturing industry does not resemble other country to the influence of American economy in tremendous in that way. In fact, the proportion that American industry increases a value to be occupied in GDP place is about 16% , under photograph comparing, japan is 20% , china is 50% . Say so, the impact that the change of production technology and manufacturing industry wants to compare pair of United States economy to the influence of Japan and Chinese economy is bigger.
Accordingly, on the world other a lot of countries think the United States is a market that can make money, the production that the production enterprise leave no stone unturned that this also forces the United States is changing increasingly enhances oneself competition ability in the environment.
2 Germany: Achieve the history new tall
2006, the machine tool production of industry of German machine tool and service total value are as high as 10.8 billion euro, grow 4% . Exporting a respect, up to 2006, manufacturing industry of German machine tool already obtained superior result 4 years continuously, only the September exit amplitude before 2006 is as high as 13% . The demand that comes from Chinese market exceeded American market, make the biggest overseas market of exit of German machine tool once more.
Meanwhile, germany also has outstanding show to the machine tool exit of Korea and India. This indicates the prosperity of an Asian market reachs his of each industry industry standards rise. Japanese user also is in those who add pair of Germany machine tools and skill to order, japan jumped house Germany first 2006 one of markets of 15 big export.
Import side, asian machine tool produces an enterprise to promoting a technology the standard ceaselessly, its are in exert oneself aggrandizement the position in German market. Before 2006 3 quarters, german machine tool imports increase rate to be as high as 15% , main increment comes from Taiwan of China, Korea, China and Japan.
The machine tool produced this country to still will continue to climb with service total value 2007 litre, amount to 11.5 billion euro. Come so, manufacturing industry of German machine tool will obtain the best result since the history, and hopeful breaks the record high that the industry achieved 2001.
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