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China in numerical control is obtained " innovation enterprise " title
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On July 28, 2008, country of ministry of science and technology, the State Council endowment appoint innovation enterprise was held to build working conference in Beijing with federation of trade unions of China whole nation. On the meeting, china in numerical control is named formally to be " innovation enterprise " , become one of units of 91 first cards that be awarded. In president of Chen Jigong of the ceremonially that give a shop sign from Li Xueyong of secretary of leading Party group of department of science and technology, undersecretary bronze medal had been received in the hand.

In May 2006, in Hubei the company below guidance of hall of province science and technology started innovation business pilot job. The company leads a layer to work to take seriously highly to this, elaborate scheme, the pilot job that held water to be a group leader with Chen Jigong president heads a group, make piece " innovation enterprise is pilot plan " report ministry of science and technology. In July 2006, the 3 branches such as ministry of science and technology are affirmatory China in numerical control heads approve 103 " develop innovation business the enterprise of pilot job " one of. On Feburary 26, 2007, 3 branches were held jointly in Beijing " innovation enterprise is pilot working conference " , chen Jigong president with " own innovation, with China " cerebrum " , equipment China equips " made congress communication make a speech for the theme, xu Guanhua's minister praises in the speech China in the enterprise that numerical control is full of innovation vigor for what grow quickly.

Come two years, company leader group is rigid according to " innovation enterprise is pilot plan " organize departmental door to be carried out seriously, pilot work is steady advance, obtained remarkable result: The company innovates continuously ability gets buildup, formed " fore-and-aft three-layer second, transverse 3 platform " research and development supports a system, funds of research and development year all grow 30% , develop new product of 13 old series early or late, make piece " much axle control linkage of 7 axes, 9 axes is heavy-duty machine tool " wait for a batch " republican husband equipment " with a variety of 20 special type numerical control system and numerical control equip, technology of blank of home of a batch of fill was broken through in respect of non-traditional machining craft, 2 products include national emphasis new product plan, undertake project of science and technology of country, province, city 38, the project that finish checks and accept the protective consciousness that with appraisal of achievement of science and technology 6; strengthened pair of intellectual property 19, obtain software copyright 9, the invention is patent 4, application invents the close together tie that 9; strengthened patent to need with the market further, developed change product, raised the market to have rate, sales revenue grew on average to 32%; is improved and perfect craft, method, improved employee quality, complete a labor productivity year all grow 5% . Obtain product of Hubei famous brand 1, progress of Hubei province science and technology is second-class award 1, award of science and technology of Chinese mechanical industry is second-class award a; takes the lead established alliance of standard of technology of bus line of spot of system of committee of technology of standardization within the system of numerical control of countrywide machine tool, numerical control to wait.
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