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Many marks sex builds Olympic Games of Beijing of service of a powerful person o
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The outstanding Ke Long that from Ning Bo division of golden field group issued a few days ago valve limited company learns, the valve series product that this company produces applies extensively at place of many Olympic Gameses, entered successfully " bird's nest " , center of media of Olympic Games village, Olympic Games Beijing Olympic Games indicated the gender is built 2008.
Limited company of valve of outstanding gram dragon relies on golden field group to produce the advantage that go up in cupreous product, introduced personnel of more than 100 professional technology and many advanced product line, development, development is of all kinds valve product, become first having the honor to win " Chinese valve is famous brand " the enterprise of the title, company brand also is maintained to be Zhejiang to save famous label. 2006, "Bird's nest " the project spreads out " cupreous valve and filter make public invite public bidding " , the company takes an active part in contest mark.
"Outstanding Ke Long " contest mark " bird's nest " the main product of the project includes shut-off valve, filter and moire valve, these are the fittings of central air conditioning inside the project, affect this Olympic Games directly advocate the in-house environment of place. According to Introduction Sun Zujun, for discreet choice, the sample that the expert group that has reviewing bid at that time decides to use large area, large-scale, large amount wins the bid finally certainly quite object. Final sample result shows: Limited company of valve of outstanding gram dragon submits all sent sample 100% qualification.

In August 2006, "Outstanding Ke Long " waiting for foreign well-known trademark with dimension Er of Huo Ni of French AD, Italy in competing face-to-face win out finally, become formally " bird's nest " valve supplier, offer money in succession.
In the bid of contest of product of engineering of place of series Olympic Games that having subsequently, limited company of valve of outstanding gram dragon wins the bid frequently. It is besides Olympic Games project, the large project such as sports center of Olympic of new site, Jinan built Beijing TV station to introduce the valve product of outstanding Ke Long.