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Weigh, industry of Chinese casting forge holds the balance
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The first heavy-duty and rigid group of Chinese is our country is the biggest the large machinery that gives priority to body in order to produce the heavy equipment such as steel rolling, metallurgy, v, power station, petrifaction equips production enterprise. Abide is worn the track that had taken 2008 again, we see, go in the world the biggest on road of casting forging base weigh glisten.
On March 13, weigh with Korea riverside made iron sign 5.5m rolling mill to make exit project contract. The world that this is Chinese heretofore exit is the greatest rolling mill, also be China offers a key to produce equipment to enterprise of world top-ranking iron and steel first.
On April 14, 15 thousand tons of the station of our country head that develops independently again, world's the biggest, most advanced freedom forging water press thermic load test-drive succeeds, the mark is worn China already had own production high end the ability of machinery of large casting forge, opened China to weigh innovation at the same time what major equipment makes forged steel of world top-ranking casting produce base is prelusive.
On June 30, realize commodity production value again first half of the year 5.38 billion yuan, surpass industry of countrywide machinery equipment of 34% add on average fast. The market orders goods be close to one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight yuan,
On July 10, already invested 2.3 billion yuan to begin to build the world's top-ranking casting forging to produce base again, predict 2010, china will produce per year forge cast steel again 60 thousand tons reach 70 thousand tons, its productivity grade will be achieved " 7654 " the world makes a target first-rate, namely: One-time supply molten steel 700 tons, the biggest steel ingot 600 tons, the biggest cast 500 tons, the biggest forging 400 tons, make core casting forgings the technology does not lag behind 20 years, tonnage grade crop reachs the world the first, from go up at all settle the need of domain of equipment of our country great technology to large casting forging.
Was in Beijing and company of group of Chinese nucleus industry to sign 4 1 billion made of baked clay form again on August 1 the agreement offerring money of nuclear reactor pressure vessel and 9 evaporator forging, pressure vessel of these 4 nuclear reactor will be used at respectively in project of cable of nucleus of hill of nuclear group square home and project of cable of blessing clear nucleus. This the autograph is equipment of phone of our country nucleus about the another important sign in changing course independently, the mark is worn our country has been had provide complete set independently the actual strength of forging of report of nucleus of 1 billion made of baked clay class.