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A group of people of same interest of brand of a gleam of of international of bo
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Chinese project steam matchs a net on July 4 message a few days ago, all sorts of more than 100 model Xu are versed in crane is in Shanghai respectively, the haven start shipment such as Tianjin, send and other places of past Europe, Russia, middle east, Brazil. Up to this year June, xu of enterprise of bibcock of Chinese crane production is versed in the crane product of heavy limited company has held overseas market the portion of nearly 40% , came true to travel together 3 minutes with international the pattern of the world, a group of people of same interest of brand of a gleam of of international of body of successful ascend.

The company that heavy-duty and mechanical limited company returns Xuzhou of Xu industry group to work in type of booth relying on the ground before this 2002, through be transformed continually 5 years continuously and innovating, use advanced informatization management and method of research and development of international high end, new and high product emerges in endlessly, created year of management income to grow the breathtaking outstanding achievement of 4.7 times, unit area yields every square metre achieves 33 thousand yuan, already reached industry of world project machinery the level of advanced company. Since 2008, this enterprise continues to introduce solder robot, right boring the high-grade key equipment such as pipe bender of machining center, numerical control, optimize an enterprise to run efficiency continuously, yield promoted again below the condition that ability did not add significantly in production area, number 30% .

The data that according to custom total arrange releases shows, industry of Chinese project machinery appears exit to import pair of added state first half of the year this year, among them crane child the momentum that the industry still maintains exit amplitude prep above to import amplitude. Heavy-duty and mechanical limited company exports Xuzhou of Xu industry group first half of the year amplitude of sales volume income exceeds 50% compared to the same period, 79% what because exit of this company product holds the whole nation,congener product exit measures, to Chinese crane industry exit is pulled move apparent. Current, with Xu Gong heavy-duty the Chinese crane that give priority to already was in 68 countries and area realized the whole world to sell, and all fronts enters European Union market.