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"Seminar of standard of valve of pump of Sino-French nucleus report " hold smoot
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Master standard of international nucleus report as soon as possible to make valve of nuclear report pump produces a business, before equipment of island of nucleus of Chinese mechanical Joint Industry Conference, France is designed and building regular standard society, before long collective organization is held " seminar of standard of Sino-French nucleus report " . Join the domestic company delegate of the meeting to express, standardization of nuclear phone equipment is the base that expands nuclear report independently, it is nuclear report homebred change getaway key, must advance the formation of system of standardization of report of our country nucleus jointly.

Relevant controller is accepting machine couplet in when interviewing, point out, equipment of eye pronucleus phone is homebred change already presented a good state, job of research and development gains headway, production enterprise had progress. But be apart from homebred the end that change still has not little space, still need to amass industry dominant position, undertake reasonable division of labor to basically assuming an unit, the key has paid a batch of companies that assume the job; Charge of research and development tilts to the mainstay business that assumes the job as far as possible, encourage and support the business with better foundation, through appear on the market or other financing means strengthens technical reformation, raise an enterprise to assume homebred the ability that changes the job; Production enterprise also needs to increase research and development and transform investment; Owner unit should assist production enterprise to do the work of research and development that good nucleus report equips, advance nuclear report jointly equipment is homebred change.