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Ⅲ carries out the country technical standard is skimble-scamble the roily marke
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On July 1, pollutant discharge standard of national motor vehicle the 3rd phase is restricted to be worth (Ⅲ of country of the following abbreviation) carry out formally. The trade of Chinese heavy-duty truck that in last few years high speed expands, welcomed the biggest challenge eventually, many domestic expert points out not without anxious ground, country of Ⅲ standard carry out, will quicken our country to block industry reshuffle again. And because technical standard is skimble-scamble, market disorder was caused on certain level, much home company and user are in wait-and-see in not know what to do.

The standard is skimble-scamble your user is wait-and-see

Total bureau of national environmental protection sets, since July 1, 2008, will stop to sell and be registered of Ⅱ heavy-duty car to the country inside countrywide limits register, execute a country Ⅲ standard. And so-called state Ⅲ , namely the 3rd phase discharges national motor vehicle standard, namely Europe Ⅲ discharges a standard. Specific and character, it is the CO in the car waste gas that contented country Ⅲ discharges a standard (carbon monoxide) , HC + NOx (hydrocarbon and azotic oxide) , PM (atomic, soot) the car low 30%-50% that the chroma that waits for harmful gas wants to discharge a standard than contented country Ⅱ . This one environmental protection is new politics, will make a lot of serious check produce enterprise and sale business to be faced with undoubtedly " test of life and death " .

Many expert of domestic points out, increase environmental protection strength stage by stage as the country, the requirement that discharges a standard to motor vehicle is stricter and stricter, discharge a standard to upgrade ceaselessly, country carrying out is engine and serious card industry of Ⅲ standard great promotion, drive China to block a technology to stride to higher level again thereby.

According to introducing, with respect to engine technology character, country of Ⅲ carry out, mean should transform to electronic type engine from mechanical engine, among them the key is system of motor fuel spray upgrade.

As we have learned, the technology that at present business of domestic and international serious card uses has 4 kinds:

It is electronic-controlled high pressure in all course technology. Will tell even if install a computer to present engine popularly, let computer direct engine to have the job scientificly, in order to assure diesel engine first-rate combustion comparing, pulverization and first-rate ignition time, and good red-letter day is oily discharge with least pollution. VOLVO (Woerwo) , run quickly, IVECO (Yi Weike) , MAN (graceful) , steam of short for Shaanxi Province, liberate, the enterprise such as Ou Man, Gong Yan all is used electronic-controlled high pressure in all course technology, become at present application can achieve a nation the most extensively the technology that Ⅲ discharges a standard.
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