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The overview of cop valve standard
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One, overview
Conduit carries the main way that already made contemporary the sources of energy carry, the mainest method that uses Sunday run conduit to carry the resource such as oily, gas, coal to already became current world to solve the sources of energy to carry. Main oil gas produces country and consumptive national capital to be used in great quantities on the world grow those who be defeated by cop to solve oil gas resource to carry a problem, the transportation of natural gas 95% above use conduit to carry kind. According to statistic, there already was duct of Sunday run of oily, gas on the world at present line overall length spends more than 2.6 million kilometer, among them, natural gas carries cop overall length to spend about 1.4 million kilometer, occupy the 1/2 above of total length.
From the point of foreign construction and the experience that move, below the condition that carries an amount likewise, build pipeline of a large requirements than building a few small-bore conduit more economy; And in the transportation that medium raises inside certain limits pressure can increase benefit likewise. Abroad, 80% what grow the conduit length that is defeated by cop diameter to be more than 1 meter to take total length about. Most bassoon diameter is 1420 millimeter, highest pressure is 11.8MPa.
Long be defeated by cop to be on station of start station, intermediate pressure boost, artery the place such as the discrepancy end with each system needs a setting to open shut and pilot valve. Because the likelihood gets the influence of of all kinds calamity and accident, sunday run oil gas carries conduit to may arise rupture, the problem such as explosion of the leakage outside oil gas, on fire, long be defeated by the pipeline that 30 kilometre of 20 ~ are apart from cop every other one paragraph to go up, still need to install to break a powerful person, dynamoelectric a powerful person or pneumatic a powerful person closely to wait for valve agog. It is thus clear that one grows be defeated by cop admiral to use a lot of valve. Long be defeated by cop to pass marsh of desert, rain forest, country, Campagna, abominable, ambient conditions needs climate of place classics area, because this is right the demand of valve is higher than general valve, cop valve should have higher intensity and better sealed performance, taller service life, operation fast and light, maintenance is convenient.
Minister of foreign affairs loses the country cop starts early, development is rapidder, our country still is defeated by cop without the length of large requirements, the construction that the length of large requirements is defeated by cop is in start level, accordingly, the metric system that must make product of good form a complete set seriously is decided, product function examines wait for the job.

2, long be defeated by cop to use survey of a powerful person
Use long be defeated by cop to carry the flow that needs to control medium, need many valve on cop consequently. Grow valve of on-line is defeated by a canal, basically have two kinds of use: ① is in the passageway place of artery and each system, open since shut cut off action and safe protection action; ② is inside cop start station and station of intermediate pressure boost, have the effect that control medium carries.
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