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How to measure the noise of pump
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GB 10890-89
Methods Of Measuring And Evaluating Noise Of Pumps
Level of power of the sound in this standard determines methodological equivalent uses international standard ISO 3746-1979 " acoustics, level of power of noise source sound determines, measure a way without exception " .
1, main content and suitable scope
This standard set the sound measurement of a confusion of voices of pump and assessment technique.
This standard is applied to except go all sorts of fluid pump, type pump beyond reciprocating pump and pump use timing hydraulic coincidence implement. Method of level of power of first choice sound answers when applying this standard, in the condition the ability when be not being had uses method of sound pressure level. Open to question when it is with acoustical power level accurate.
2, cite standard
GB 3102.7 is acoustical quantity and unit
GB 3240 is acoustics the commonly used frequency in measuring
GB 3241 sound and oscillatory analysis use 1/1 and 1/3 filter of times frequency Cheng
Of level of power of sound of source of GB 3768 noise determine simple and easy law
GB 3785 sound level plan class of sex of report, sound and test method
Term of term of formal name of GB 3974 sound
Regulations of calibrating of try out of calibrator of JJG 176 sound pressure level
JJG 188 sound level plan regulations of try out calibrating
Regulations of calibrating of source of sound of JJG 277 standard
3, the acoustical power level of pump determines method
The acoustical power stage that this standard sets determines method and the means that GB 3768 provides are consistent, apply this method to be able to know the noise level of pump or pump aircrew well and truly. Determine accurately in need when the acoustical power level of pump sound source, prime mover of Lv of take an examination (electromotor, internal-combustion engine) the influence of noise, should adopt sound insulation to prime mover when necessary (like acoustic hood) wait for the measure that reduces an effect.
3.1 measure an error
Measuring an error is the standard deviation that points to what cause by all sorts of elements to accumulate.
Stipulate by this standard the error of the acoustical power level that measures pump is: A. To pump sound source, its standard deviation is not more than 4dB; B. When undertaking comparative to be the same as type pump in same test environment, its standard deviation is not more than 3dB.
3.2 acoustics measure an environment
Ideal acoustics measuring an environment should be to divide one reflex side (the ground) outside without other reflex object. In reflection face upper part is one freedom field approximately. The measurement that fits this criterion the room that the environment is broad outdoors or contented requirement. The noise that measures pump is in lab commonly (field trying pump) undertake.
3.2.1 pairs measure an environment (lab, field trying pump) requirement
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