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Industry of machinery of structural adjustment of domestic and international mar
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Although ever was in " promote equipment line of business " the equipment below national policy gets attention, but since this year, suffer the United States second shift disturbance and global inflation impact, what rigid production business must accept the market is new examine, common and mechanical manufacturing industry still will face test.

Home: Railroad and aviation get attention

The current situation that before a few years our country traffic carries investment to be centered in haven and highway construction quite can be changed somewhat, highway and haven investment will put delay.

Our country from on 80 time begin the century devoted highway construction, regard national pillar as the industry automobile industry, to machine of our country project especially road machinery and machinery of cubic meter of earth bring tremendous development opportunity. China joined WTO to make global trade situation produces revolutionary change 2001, the prosperity that global shipping business appeared to last 8 years. But, of economy of eye preexistence bound adjust changing the market to be opposite of shipping foreground anticipate, container and haven machinery company are in outspread new business field, shipping industry grows continuously get obstruction.

Railroad and plane are made will replace highway canalage high speed to develop. China " 915 " during railroad builds investment 1.25 trillion, urban orbit construction also supported railroad to build unit and car to make the professional work of the enterprise. China built freeway network with the time that influences 20 years, built containner shipping network with 10 old time, predicting our country from mix to hub of railroad passenger traffic littoral of terrestrial container network perfect the time that also will need close. Aviation industry respect, branch line plane may make the turning point of industry of international civil aviation, of big aircraft company hold water and of group of industry of two big aviation amalgamative the determination that showed China to be thrown to aviation industry, the hi-tech doorsill of aviation industry is destined our country civil aviation must take internationalization way. What differ with industry of shipping, automobile is, market of production business of plane and train is spent centrally taller. Current, high speed railroad is built and the company order related civil aircraft and outstanding achievement are in rapid development phase, this will be the key field that prospective country mechanical industry develops.

International: Promote a product the technology

Project machinery industry still needs to promote technical level and market to extend capacity quickly. Machine tool industry may appear polarization, demand of general accuracy machine tool is short-term inside the likelihood drops, export profit drops machining center of numerical control of; high end and machine tool of special numerical control still demand exceeds supply. And machine tool and the cycle with mechanical engineering differ apparently, because labor cost rises, machining center replaces equipment of special numerical control and compound sex simple machine tool will make industry trend.
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