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Project machine is homebred the technical application of weather strip and look
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Industry of machinery of current China project already introduced a developed country to many lead plane is designed and make a technology, phase in the applied technology of the conception of sealed system design with advanced international and seal unit. But restrict as a result of what industry of domestic weather strip makes a standard, project machine is sealed applied level of the technology still lags behind at international advanced level makes an appointment with 20-25 year. Lead plane works normally without leak only 400h controls the hour, insufficient international is advanced horizontal 1/10.

Use the current situation: The product breed of homebred weather strip and quality still cannot satisfy the development of the project machine that introduces advanced production technology and need of form a complete set.

What be service of project machinery industry in China in fact is rubber-plastic company of weather strip production has nearly 1000, but the company that has better production condition and technical capacity has more than 40 only, have abundant technology capacity among them, have whole set the company of advanced equipment is only Home 7-8 (be engaged in army the professional institute that tastes sealing article production is absent its list) . Nevertheless, the sealing article that these enterprises produce is mixed in quality service life respect still exists with foreign advanced level more or less difference. Project machine and industry of casting die of fluid of medium, high pressure introduced such as Lynd, Carter, small pine, collect the world such as dust word, Li Shile after the production technology of famous manufacturer, it is paradigmatic that the product breed of homebred weather strip and quality cannot satisfy the development that introduces product of advanced production technology and need of form a complete set. Next, of lorry of carring capacity of style of demand biggish dump lift litre of device to use sealing ring of form of little section U (AU) , because quality of homebred sealing article is poorer, leader plant and user all are purchased to foreign company.

Put the issue that be in: The quality of weather strip product and sealed system design and applied level remain to rise.

1. Weather strip produces character to measure

Come 20 years, via the joint efforts of personnel of technology of domestic scientific research, built the complete of all kinds weather strip that conforms with ISO/TC131/SC7 to install system of housing state standard. Also built quality of index of function of the series of weather strip measure that conforms with standard of international of of all kinds weather strip, weather strip and weather strip exterior, weather strip to pack at the same time, keep in storage, carry wait for system of standard of weather strip state. Thereby, went to the lavatory project machine and other the design of instrument product sealed system with weather strip mixes hydraulic press of medium, high pressure choose. But there still are a lot of maladies to exist in be being operated actually. Its reason basically is industrial foundation the quality of too fragile, raw material and breed are like person meaning, management very much the job is non-standard etc. Difference is used with motor of hydraulic pump, hydraulic pressure and gear-box especially rotate oil seal and move back and forth of hydraulic pressure crock change sealed product quality most very. Be aimed at drive axle of ZL50C fork-lift truck annulus the service life of edge oil seal, the author ever had done outfit machine contrast to experiment, oil seal of the framework inside the belt deputy lip that by home some unit develops, road surface of the classics after outfit machine experiments, only 50km begins leak namely, and the abroad that assesses with fashionable dress machine oil seal of some company BABSL, use nearly 3 years to still did not produce leak. Be like again: Crock of project machine hydraulic pressure changes the quality of sealed component, foreign level can be satisfied 5000 make a hour do not have leak, and the service life of homebred weather strip is its 1/10 commonly, some is not worth 100 jobs hour even.
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