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Microsoft prepares to adjust fictitious change issue patent policy
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In its unremitting ground suits hard fictitious in the real course that changes a technology, microsoft decides to adjust its fictitious those who change software charter issue policy.

Microsoft plans to will release its new license to issue policy at Zhouer, plan to be moved with visit, will realize its software to span many fictitious the problem with physical machine.

A few days ago, software manufacturer Microsoft confirmed this plan to our newspaper reporter, but in its Zhou Erzheng type announces this plan before, reject to disclose any detail however. Nevertheless, according to network expert speculation, to make its software is able to move on specific server, microsoft may reduce his the permits patent application requirement of software of machine of fictitious machine the first line of a couplet on a scroll, make more and more users OK use online software.

This practice of Microsoft, right fictitious changed software world to constitute a very big challenge. For example, VMware, be based on need, company general must accomplish a bit more the following: Will fictitious machine from among them server of a physics is accurate go up to another physics server without by accident shift.

When although serving software,moving, the commutation means that keep abreast of has very big challenge sex, but, microsoft is already successful now dominant the licence of a few new fields extends policy, for example, be in " the problem that how undertakes much nucleus processor is handled " respect.