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Pumping station assesses the effect in pumping station management
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Pumping station assessment is to strengthen the management job of pumping station project, improve level of management, science of engineering of stimulative pumping station is changed, standardization, system turns management, executing pumping station to assess is a when urge management important step. One, the target that the target that pumping station assessment works, content and assessment of working way pumping station work is let pumping station project manage an unit to contrast the issue that examines index to find out existence and difference, through improving, in a planned way, purposeful narrow difference, achieve the goal that raises level of job of pumping station management, ensure of industry whole level rise. Pumping station assesses working content to include: It is administration, include constituent management, worker management, archives management and environmental management; 2 it is project and equipment management, include the protection of project of environment of work of maintenance of rate of equipment in good condition, equipment, facility, hub; 3 it is manufacturing management, include to run observation of system, spot to monitor, only waste time of the sources of energy, innovate for catchment management, safe management, scientific research and technology; 4 it is to manage with financial management, include accountant foundation job and financial management, handling of goods, water cost plan closes rate, year manage profit margin, income and expenses depreciation cost recovery rate, integratedly to be led evenly. Make pumping station assess a plan, undertake every year, adopt prefectural class to be in charge of a branch to organize each station to combine assessment, pumping station project manages an unit to press grading of assessment index item-by-item to make ego assessment, the assessment material that bureau of city irrigation works reports to each county area has review a case in which a death sentence has been passed by a lower court, offer check opinion, declare assessment circumstance and summary table hall of province irrigation works. Total to total assessment cent achieves the pumping station project of certain level to run an unit, by class of province, city director branch is awarded respectively " grade amounts to sign unit " title, give award. Cancel original title to assessing what achievement drops, grant corresponding title. 2, the action that pumping station assessment works 1, promoted management, raised project of pumping station of level of management to manage job of unit management by objectives to execute mensurable assessment, its assess index 4 kinds big 20, have certain scientific sex, covered pumping station to run square side side of the job, it is not easy to should hold on, each, each notch the effort that all must give hardships just can be obtained. Before standard mode project of " pumping station manages an unit to practice hard result of inside and outside, making good service at the same time, coordinate actively external, development, water cost collects put in storage; Internally rigid system, manage strictly, the task is layer upon layer decompose, calm hillock is decided duty, grab from check on work attendance and daily statistic job, often examination, mutual supervise, ground of have a definite object in view is contractible difference, job of pumping station management enters standardization path gradually, management state and level of management get rising ceaselessly. 2, make pumping station provide excellent service, offer safety to ensure pumping station project to managed great majority of unit and government of local villages and towns to sign for agriculture and national economy for catchment contract, the responsibility that both sides made clear in the contract, obligation reachs a risk. To fulfil a contract, offer catchment to just must make sure facilities can produce water in time, besides common maintain meticulously, safeguard, outside doing good safe production, finance of active still application undertakes updating equipment is transformed, in order to enlarge water supply capacity, rise to be led for catchment safeguard, provide strong, safe safeguard for agriculture and national economy growth. 3, enhanced responsibility, make pumping station add close cut down expense, raise economic benefits to offer catchment contract to supply drain off water clearly square with be benefited square responsibility and obligation, serve as independent accounting unit supply drain off water square, interior digs latent capacity, managing defray greatly, at the same time according to ask to undertake for catchment planning reasonable attemper, science is arranged, optimize aircrew to move a peak to avoid carry on one's shoulder moves, pumping station of drain flooded fields arrived to remove a water level line not to divide ground of day and night, regardless of the weather to grab a platoon; Midsummer intense heat of summer, irrigate station worker is risking the broiling high temperature inside the computer room to stand fast post. Civilization of pumping station worker, excellent service, got is benefited of the unit approbate, the broad householder that use water is moved, hand in water to expend on time, the implementation that is annual economy target lays next foundations. 4, promoted what manage a project integratedly to begin, for pumping station pumping station of red-blooded infuse opportunity of survival because oneself is seasonal characteristic, unit of management of pumping station project is relied on merely advocate business Wu income is far insufficient, still need to make full use of resource of local water, earth, manpower, active, reliable begin manage a project integratedly, like maintenance, treatment, breed, rent, installation, commerce, enlarge the market hard, widen actively vivosphere. 5, the afforest that the psychosis of appearance of station of appearance of terminal, worker produced welcome metabolic environment and the explicit form that beautification represents an unit, unit of management of pumping station project adopts sanitation to delimit piece, responsibility arrives person; Ability of combinative pumping station changes, execute office division and life division segregation; Rubbish appoints dump; Grow beautiful forest energetically; Strengthen management, afforest, beautification circumjacent environment. Face our country to join ' () hind the grim challenge that agriculture faces, the worker attends take a refresher course in succession, groom, contest of skill of class of textual research take an examination ofing, work is waited a moment. Through pursueing pumping station assessment can discover, the appearance of station of appearance of terminal of the pumping station that amount to mark already produced essential sex to change, a lot of pumping station already became place to shine together beautiful scenery line. Job of pumping station assessment should become pumping station administration in impartible cut one share, make pumping station is assessed science rises to change in pumping station production, management activity, standardization, system changes intention, those who urge standard of pumping station management is ceaseless rise!

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