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Policy of first privilege of revenue of major equipment line of business carry o
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According to exposure of city Bureau of Finance, the Ministry of finance approved Qingdao city to carry a newspaper a few days ago the ask for instructions that about Qingdao policy of revenue of import of limited company of baronial spin machinery adjusts. According to policy regulation, begin from 2007 year, place of company of automatic to production winding machine wants the crucial component of the entrance, import tariff and import value added tax are executed draft retrogressive policy first.

To increase capacity of the core competition ability of our country enterprise and own innovation, the development of stimulative equipment manufacturing industry, at the beginning of 2007, hair of the Ministry of finance, country changes appoint wait for 4 branches to issue an announcement jointly, fulfil to carrying out " a certain number of opinions that the State Council revitalizes equipment manufacturing industry about accelerating " spirit undertook deploy, inside domain of key of equipment of 16 when the regulation decides in the State Council great technologies, the import tariff of the pay of raw material place that the enterprise is the development, partial key component that make these equipment and imports and home to cannot be produced and import value added tax (all belong to income of the class central) execute draft retrogressive policy first, place drawback money invests as the country, turn make national capital gold, use at development of company new product and construction of own innovation ability.

As we have learned, to seize opportunity, strive for policy of national revenue privilege, company of cogent support our city grows, protocol of city Bureau of Finance working program, pass whole town large company " direct car " service system, with whole town enterprise of many 40 key built custom duty " direct car " the service concerns, to print and distribute of many 1000 enterprise " the open letter that begins job of local finance custom duty to support whole town industry to develop " , use the platform such as news media, strengthen policy conduct propaganda and information to interact. Among them, the content of technology of automatic winding machine that in the light of Qingdao the enterprise such as limited company of baronial spin machinery produces competition of tall, international market is intense, crucial component import tariff loses heavier, product to upgrade characteristic and the problem such as replacement and inadequacy of aftereffect of own innovation ability, city Bureau of Finance adjusts concerned circumstance and policy in time the proposal to report the Ministry of finance, got the height of the Ministry of finance takes seriously.

City Bureau of Finance introduces, recently, the Ministry of finance adopted the opinion of the our city to allot an announcement, specific provision begins from 2007 year, crucial to automatic winding machine component -- yarn clearer of groovy canister, electron, air twists knot implement import tariff and import value added tax, execute draft retrogressive policy first, in the meantime, rose on January 1 from next year, overall to automatic winding machine the entrance stops to implement duty-free policy. It is reported, this is the State Council after about accelerating those who revitalize equipment manufacturing industry a certain number of opinion policy come on stage, first great technology equipment that the Ministry of finance approves are special policy of import revenue privilege. After this policy is carried out, money of the central drawback after rigid to our city spin business is asked for first this year will achieve many yuan 6400, the innovation of the enterprise develops ability and international competition ability to increase greatly.
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