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" length of metallic valve structure " the standard increases solder upright con
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GB/T12221-2005 " length of metallic valve structure " be pair of GB/T12221-1989 and GB/T15188.1~15188.4-1994 standard edit, replace these a few standards. Main in edit change has this level: Structural length somewhat draw together is big, include flange join, right solder join, right the join that place type, inside threaded coupling, outside the structural length of the join means such as threaded coupling. Increased to solder end, right clip type, inside whorl, outside the structure of whorl is basic the structural length dimension of length series and of all kinds valve, among them length of flange connective structure is revised use ISO5752 " length of structure of valve of metal of flange pipeline system " .
This standard applies to metallic valve, nominal pressure is not more than PN420, nominal dimension is inside DN3~DN4000 limits, valve sort has brake a powerful person, shut-off valve, ball valve, butterfly a powerful person, faucet a powerful person, diaphragm valve, check valve, the join means of its valve has flange, solder end, right clip, inside whorl, outside threaded coupling. Stipulated these valve use the structural length when different join kind and its extreme deviation.
This standard cites GB/T1047 " conduit component DN (nominal dimension) define and choose " with GB/T1048 " conduit component PN (nominal pressure) define and choose " two standards, showing GB/T1047 and GB/T1048 time sign is 2005. But those who need a specification is, this standard is approved in the newspaper when, standard of these two new edition had be notted approve release. Accordingly, this standard is mixed in nominal dimension of nominal pressure state go up to still delay the GB/T1047 that those who use is old version and GB/T1048.
The standard gave out " length of structure of direct form valve " , " length of structure of horny pattern valve " , " to placing length of type valve structure " definition, deserve to have graphic representation. The structural length that uses the join means that 22 pieces of form listed all sorts of valve differ and extreme deviation.
This standard by committee of technology of countrywide valve standard (SAC/TC188) put in a mouth 's charge. Attend the unit that draft to have: Hefei is general and mechanical Hong Cheng of institute, Hubei is general and mechanical Inc. , Shanghai is general and mechanical technical institute, in nucleus revive science and technology of a powerful person is industrial Inc. , Zhejiang 5 continent high school of flourishing age of valve limited company, Shenyang controls valve limited company.