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Ⅲ standard carries out the country to block technical route again contend for i
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Discuss via what pass several years and revise, on July 1, 2008, motor vehicle country of the 3rd phase discharge a standard (namely European Ⅲ discharges a standard) begin formally to carry out, did not reach a nation the new car of Ⅲ standard will be stopped in the round sale and register register.
Early in the country Ⅲ standard carries out around, industry should be used about Ⅲ of our country country why to plant the controversy of technical course had not stopped all the time. changed by national hair a few days ago appoint academy of development of project of car of university of department of research of international collaboration center, Tsinghua, " the car observes " the intense rate that forum of height of technology of Ⅲ of commercial vehicle country will argue this kind more pushs the 2008 China that magazine company sponsors jointly.
Of technical course contend for
As standard change, in last few years all the time the our country that high speed develops blocks what the industry greeted world-shaking eventually to change again: On one hand, the industry that weigh card welcomed the chance that the industry upgrades; On the other hand, around the move is different discharge a standard, the industry that weigh card is used why to plant technical course spread out rich play chess.
And the athletics stand that forum of this height of technology of Ⅲ of 2008 China commercial vehicle country made each block an enterprise to show its skill again undoubtedly.
For industry of serious to our country card, country of Ⅲ standard carry out, the ability of meet an emergency of look forward to of car of home of will full-scale test and technology are laid in, it is a huge impact to domestic car look forward to. Come round to look with respect to eye, can reach a nation the technology that Ⅲ discharges a standard basically has 3 kinds, it is electronic-controlled high pressure in all course, 2 it is electronic-controlled pump nozzle technology, 3 it is electronic-controlled monomer pump technology, these technologies are mainstream technology. Besides, the H pump that still one kind is washed out by international (mechanical pump or straight line pump) the blame mainstream technology of + EGR.
Introduce according to attending the expert attending the meeting of height forum, current, in course of these a few kinds of technologies, electronic-controlled high pressure in all course technology had been held absolutely " overlord " position, home almost what companies of all the production that weigh card use in the process in implementation country Ⅲ is this technology. And majority enterprise is in country Ⅱ when to the country Ⅲ upgrades, did not use EGR technology, only China weighs steam exception.
According to expert introduction, alleged and electronic-controlled high pressure in all course technology, it is to be in in all course type harbour is pressed implement in spray system, the computer that ECU(is equivalent to engine) through receiving the signal of each sensor, have the aid of the electromagnetism a powerful person on fuel injector, let derv nod eject to give right fuel injection amount in correct fuel injection with correct injection pressure, assure diesel engine first-rate combustion comparing, pulverization and first-rate ignition time, and good economy and least pollution are discharged.
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