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3 big adverse factors bring about gains of global tire employment to drop

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On September 25, cai Weimin of secretary-general of branch of tire of Chinese Society of Rubber Industry expresses, announce the forms for reporting statistics first half of the year to look in succession from near future of company of domestic and international main tire, be risen in price by raw material, the effect that dilate of dimensions of alleviation of market demand hasten causes product supply exceeds demand, earnings fell somewhat like world tire industry and project machinery industry 2008, grow rate somewhat slow down.

Tire branch deputy secretary-general talks about jade female analysis to think, the biggest element of rein in of cut down of the progress before global tire industry is high oil price drive tire raw material to grow considerably quickly. The raw material such as balata, carbon black rises generally considerably this year 30% above, the manufacturing cost of the enterprise raises considerably quickly. Although tire company took the step that carries valence to digest cost, but digestive part offsets raw material rises in price very hard brought influence. This can see from inside each industry forms for reporting statistics. General benefit department connects announcement, profit drops compared to the same period first half of the year 30% , forecast profit will be compared this year on year drop 50% above. Mi Jilin carries battalion profit margin drops first half of the year 2 percent. The pressure that raw material rises to be caused to company of our country tire is greater. Be opposite according to tire branch statistic of 42 members unit, 1~8 month profit drops this year 15% , deficit enterprise amounts to 11, for in recent years most.

Influence tire industry the 2nd big factor is overall demand especially demand of North America market drops considerably. As a result of the United States second borrow crisis influence and economy to worsen ceaselessly, american balata makes association forecast, north America area today bright multiply the market demand that uses embryo, light card embryo, carring capacity fetus two years to will drop. The United States is the main goal market that Chinese tire exports, suffer this to affect Chinese tire exit to begin to go low considerably. According to tire branch statistic, tire exports 42 companies this year increase rate drops apparently. 1~8 month accumulative total speaks a volume compared to the same period amplitude is only 9.6% , with the growth level of 24.6% formed the corresponding period last year very big contrast.

Tan Yukun thinks, influence tire industry the 3rd big factor is global produce can outspread make product supply exceeds demand. Occupy world tire sale to department of benefit of the Mijilin of 50% above, general is connected and originally at present distinctive 3 tire tycoon still is in add endowment enlarge to produce, and investment of our country tire builds factory and enlarge to produce expression to get more apparent. According to statistic, viviparity of carring capacity of complete now steel produces our country ability already exceeded 70 million / year, and our country year demand is controlled for 40 million only. According to tire branch statistic, this year 1~8 month, volume of 42 companies goods in stock rises 37.8% compared to the same period. Goods in stock of before industry sales revenue 6 companies is measured compared to the same period amplitude is in 30% above. Now, company of our country some tire has been adopted " stop 2 5 " measure is restricted to produce.

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