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Xu Gong builds first XZ320 level directional get trial-produce to succeed

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To satisfy home market requirement, perfect and directional get range of products, the XZ320 level that Xu is versed in the near future that build a road is developed decides Xiang Zuanshun benefit to get offline, enter besmear outfit via after the experiment is debugged, already turning at present, indicate card level decided a Xu Gong to be born again to borer a fresh blood.

XZ320 level is directional borer is in be contented home low end client demand, suit medium or small blame excavate project needs and the level of research and development decides Xiang Zuanxin product. Answer among them procrastinate / feed force achieves 320KN, great resistance is encountered to increase device of peculiar and auxiliary thrust augmentation to be able to make the greatest power pulling a tube achieves 400KN in pulling a process to avoid to be being answered, reduce head of operation venture; effectively the biggest torque achieves reaming diameter 12000N · M; is the biggest times to be able to amount to φ 850mm; to be in assemble and unassemble automatically drill pipe, auger frame, control of vice, anchorage solid, hydraulic pressure, electron all is done on each system optimize accordingly with upgrade, make opportunity of this new product market electro-hydraulic for unifinication, facility construction operates adaptability of agile, craft strong, combination is agile wait for a characteristic to be able to develop adequately.

As we have learned, XZ320 level is directional borer is the brunt type that at present home is not excavate market to go up, have rate of low cost, construction precision of fast, construction is advanced characteristic, the good choice that is client of domestic blame excavate.

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