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Hydraulic pump on the application of high pressure
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I. Introduction Today, hydraulic system widely used in various industries machinery and equipment. As a transmission technology, hydraulic mechanical way than the traditional way, has the following advantages: 1, can produce great power, and control is easy; 2, in a wide range of continuously variable transmission; 3, it is easy to prevent overload, security, large; 4, the size of a small contribute to large, free to choose the installation location; 5, simple and accurate control of output power can be remote controlled. Although the hydraulic system with these advantages, but the system automatically reciprocating problem has not been effective and reliable solution. Much of the equipment in many industries, such as geological drilling equipment in the mud, seawater desalination equipment, high-pressure pump, high-rise building fire pumps, these devices require continuous output of high pressure, large flow of fluid medium, there is no solution because the hydraulic the system automatically reciprocating the problem, still using the traditional mechanical methods, leading to its equipment in size, power consumption and more inefficient. The project "Automatic reciprocating hydraulic cylinder" as the national utility model patents, successfully solved the problem of automatic reciprocating hydraulic system, hydraulic technology makes these devices are becoming a reality. This technology is the implementation of the hydraulic system of the main components - Cylinder re-design, aided by external control valve to achieve the automatic cylinder reciprocating, and reliable operation, simple structure and low cost. Second, the application 1, geological drilling mud pump hydraulic Mud available is the use of motor driven crankshaft, connecting rod, push the piston out of mud. Such a structure used for many years, backward technology, making the mud in size, output fluctuations mud pressure, flow instability, and the mud of the maximum power is limited, the general pressure can only reach 3 ~ 4Mpa, traffic is not easy doing great. The application of the patented technology of hydraulic mud pump, mud pump at the same volume of output power for the existing sludge pump is only 1 / 2 to 1 / 3, energy consumption is about 80% of the existing sludge pump. Although the manufacturing cost slightly increased, but not in the design of the hydraulic mud pump power constraints, the output pressure of up to tens of Mpa, flow can be infinitely extended, and the output of the pressure and flow stability. 2, hydraulic pressure pump desalination Reverse osmosis technology is an efficient, easy-to large-scale use of desalination technology, today's shortage of water resources, has broad application prospects. High-pressure pump is the reverse osmosis desalination technology as a key device. High-pressure pump for the existing basic mechanical structure. Common type of pump is single stage, high-speed centrifugal pumps, piston pumps and multistage centrifugal pumps. Typically, the least efficient single-stage centrifugal pumps, piston pumps the most efficient in large systems in the use of multi-stage centrifugal pump. In China, there was no established manufacturer of high-pressure pump seawater desalination. The main reason is: To make high-pressure pump to achieve higher efficiency, we must make some important components to achieve high machining accuracy, which requires very specialized, very expensive processing equipment and processing costs. Thus the price of imported high pressure pump. Hydraulic automatic reciprocating cylinder high-pressure pump, and mechanical high pressure pump, piston pump has greatly improved the efficiency compared to high power is very easy to implement. Compared with imports of similar products, the pump power greater than the cost of production is lower, the greater the decrease in prices. 3, high pressure cleaning equipment 4, high-rise building water supply (fire pump) In short, automatic reciprocating hydraulic system, broadening the scope of application of the hydraulic system, making the hydraulic system in an efficient, flexible, high-power, low-cost advantage to play more, the application will bring huge economic benefits for the enterprise and social benefits.