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Saddle hill develops from what accuse 46 years
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Saddle hill charges meter oneself (group) Inc. , predecessor is instrument and meter plant of saddle hill hot project, only then build at founding a state earlier, product of manufacturing control a powerful person already had long history of 46 years, the product of a powerful person of the first control of new China is born here namely. Means of directional 1992 collect changes make become share-holding system company, more the name charges meter oneself for saddle hill (group) Inc. .
Come a few years, saddle hill accuses structure of ceaseless and integrated capital oneself, pass joint-stock, recommend advanced technique and admirable capital fund ceaselessly, make enterprise dimensions is done ceaselessly do greatly strong, increase ability of enterprise whole competition and capacity of form a complete set thereby. The company is mixed with Japanese KOSO company early or late red Maidanfosi powerful powerful combination establishs the company Sino-Japanese the red in mixing joint ventures. Its are joint-stock the ceaseless promotion application that the hi-tech content product that company place produces carries home market and sale, already made domestic famous brand now, show long-term flourishing to sell a situation, also make the company comes by Ô­ at the same time the production of onefold breed produces means to transform to diversity product gather, form an interest finally to share, of mutually beneficial mutual benefit close together model industry group. Saddle hill charges meter oneself (group) Inc. has a worker 530 people, the sales revenue 2006 exceeds 100 million yuan, rank carry out implement manufacturing company front row, carrying out implement decisive place is had in the industry.

Reform innovation enhances competition ability
One of famous production manufacturer that produce product of control a powerful person as domestic major, the controls product of a powerful person and accessory product own design that saddle hill accuses to have 3 old series oneself, production, form a complete set and sale ability, have spread all over domestic each district more than 10 agency outside be stationed in and service orgnaization, formed in order to choose acting side, the nationwide sale that dot line is linked together serves net region, can offer best innovation solution and seasonable and considerate after service job for the user.
In recent years, saddle hill charges meter oneself (group) Inc. is mixed from quality of quality management, product proceed with of face of tripartite of new product research and development, severe seize neat canal, obtained favorable result. The ceaseless reform that the enterprise adopts oneself and innovation, ceaseless roll out the newest product that has own intellectual property, make ability of enterprise form a complete set and competitive ability apparent rise, become country all-around one of main suppliers of fluid control solution.

Strengthen management to make good brand
Pay attention to management, make on the business management standard that saddle hill controls oneself a new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position, product quality is mixed through be being improved ceaselessly perfect, had progress greatly and rise. In the meantime, contend for through carrying out start brand and activity of plan of strategy of province famous brand, the saddle that makes the enterprise is produced heats up a card to control product of series of a powerful person to have the honor to win Liaoning to omit name of famous brand product. Make this one brand is in saddle hot card thereby in Liaoning province and even countrywide user group already widely known, choose extensively, brought brand sensation effect to the enterprise truly, make the sale of the enterprise and market are had lead rapid promotion.
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