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How does Tianjin vacate limited company of cold-drawing steel tube
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How Tianjin vacates limited company of cold-drawing steel tube is by Tianjin city Anlijin belongs to production limited company and Jiang Yin limited company of city Hong Teng machinery is joint-stock the enterprise of build. The company is located in Tianjin seaside new developed area to be too busy industrial garden (ferry pond highway 10 bridges) , cover an area of a face to accumulate 15000 square metre, with company of Tianjin steel tube only all the way lie between, situation is advantageous, traffic carries advantage. The company relies on the product advantage of company of Tianjin steel tube and technical advantage, rely on oneself more than 10 years advanced cold-drawing production technology, technology and administrative experience, make the quality guarantee system with one whole a complete set of, it is us the company is in home to precede with the industry all the time position. The product that main production manages by the standard of all sorts of dimension, nonstandard without seam opposite sex steel tube, tub of cylinder body of hydraulic pressure of cold-drawing of high accuracy of 400mm of Φ 40~ Φ , steel and gas cylinder of 500mm of the biggest Φ are in charge of, produce per year a quantity to amount to more than tons 30000.
The company has home's banner production facilities, basically mix by 2500KN aircrew of cold-drawing of 4000KN hydraulic pressure, by acerbity fluid, lubricate and the machine of water treatment equipment and heat treatment furnace, alignment and sawing machine establishment with cold-drawing set form a complete set, equipment, still match stock to advanced nondestructive detects and manage change detect etc examine equipment. The pickling of one a complete set of of own research and development, lubricant treatment craft is in domestic banner level, water treatment technology reachs domestic advanced level.
We manage what change in order to plan as always, detect perfectly program and quality the first, the client's consummate principle, wholeheartedly provide high grade product and the service of sincere letter for domestic and international travelling merchant.

Management concept: Complete sincerity comes credit door is consummate

Company culture: Admire tree talent to make a product meticulously