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Valve of 3 peaks air conditioning lets him start work installation becomes reali
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Air conditioning of high temperature day is spruce annul, the air conditioning that if buy,comes, oneself can be installed immediately, that is much more convenient. It is the everybody in this life the air conditioning that feels more troublesome installs a problem, mouth letting store pressed down limited company of 3 peaks valve to see potential business chance. By 2007, company development goes " fast connect " new product, captured successfully this one difficult problem.
Because join the copper pipe of machine of air conditioning inside and outside is a passageway of refrigeration agent Freon, and freon is a kind of chemical article, to prevent leak, the sealed demand of conduit interface is higher, at present so domestic air conditioning needs professional personage installation. Develop a sealed property strong, tear open the new-style valve with convenient outfit, become the key that solves a problem. Personnel of technology of limited company of 3 peaks valve passes the with great concentration that is as long as a few years to study, "Fast connect " appear on the market successfully eventually.
The Zhang Shengping of division of technology of limited company of 3 peaks valve tells a reporter, this " fast connect " solved air conditioning implement the problem of bequeath of the air inside conduit, reduced the waste of refrigeration agent and air pollution, use double deck at the same time sealed structure, make sealed performance better, air conditioning more environmental protection.
Had this one new product, make air conditioning installation more convenient not only, when thinking mobile air conditioning, also do not need to add refrigeration agent afresh. This year in March, "Fast connect " begin batch production, those who be the United States, the business of domestic famous refrigeration such as division force, Ge Lanshi makes form a complete set. This product passed Zhejiang to save appraisal of achievement of science and technology, obtain a country to invent patent and practical and new-style patent.
Contain " fast connect " air conditioning is special get the welcome of European Union country. Introduce according to company controller, after the air conditioning of home market is bought, it is it is good to be in charge of be being installed to you by the shop, and in Euramerican market, air conditioning sells after going out, the shop is not responsible installation, it is to let him user look for person installation, the charge of installation often the price of itself of prep above air conditioning. In European Union country, buy to contain 3 peaks now " fast connect " air conditioning, can save next installation cost that comparative with price of air conditioning itself at least, so the product puts in the market to demand exceeds supply.
It is reported, arrive at present, "Fast connect " increase sales revenue newly for limited company of 3 peaks valve in all 83.5 million yuan, occupy the 40% above that sell to whole group. 2008, the company invests many yuan 4000, go up newly produce per year 3 million tons of air conditioning implement fast connect ability revises a project, sales revenue can achieve after project put into production 180 million yuan, the duty that achieve profit 41.4 million yuan.
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